Foster Financial Literacy In Your Business

Impress current and future employees with your commitment to their financial wellness by partnering with Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union.
Benefits of Financial Literacy
Personal finance is an intimidating but vital topic to understand. You can make it easier. Financial literacy education empowers your employees to take control of their financial future, making it an extremely powerful benefit for your business and employees. What does that mean for you?
Employee Satisfaction

Support your employees on their financial journeys and encourage them to take full advantage of their benefits with easy to understand educational resources.

Empowered Decision Making

People make financial decisions almost every day. You can help your employees better understand the ramifications of these decisions on themselves and your company.

Boosted Trust

By providing these resources, you’re showing a commitment to your employees and proving that you care about their most crucial needs.

Financial Literacy Resources

How do you get the benefits of financial literacy in your business? It’s simple. You provide the resources that facilitate this education. Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union wants to help you do just that by partnering with you to give your employees access to an expansive, interactive library of educational content with Banzai.
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Banzai Resources Overview

Banzai’s powerful calculators help individuals crunch the numbers and get the answers they need in order to make some of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Coach Sessions

The groundbreaking Banzai Coach is like a conversation with a virtual financial mentor that guides users through their stickiest financial predicaments.


Making a big financial decision is intimidating. Banzai’s articles break everything down to what your employees actually need to know and how the various options can affect them.

What is Banzai?

Banzai is an award-winning, interactive education platform that focuses on making financial topics easy to understand. Banzai’s approach is all about helping your users navigate life’s financial dilemmas, find insight into their specific situations, and discover answers that are straightforward and easily applicable. Banzai products are used in over 65,000 classrooms and communities all across the United States (and Guam!).

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What will our partnership look like?
Banzai’s resources will be available to your community through a powerful microsite called the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center is:

Making this site match your needs is easy. You can select the resources that you want to feature and even create your own collection of the most important resources for your community.


Your Wellness Center will be co-branded with your name and logo, reminding anyone who visits that you are providing these invaluable resources.


Since the Wellness Center is available online, you can easily spread the word by posting the link on social media, in emails, on your website, and anywhere else you would like!

Build Financial Literacy in Your Office.

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So what are you waiting for? Empower your employees now.